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"I don't read mysteries, but I liked this one."   -- Jessica, age 13


--from My Edinburgh Files

I Get a Clue

--from My Edinburgh Files​

From: Libby Carlsen

Subject: How could they do THIS?!!!
To: Tom Carlsen <>


The distance from home to Gran's B&B is one 62-minute car ride, one 14- hour, 53-minute plane trip, one 15-minute totally embarrassing meltdown in the Glasgow airport, one drag-myself-and-my-telescope-on-a-bus trip, and one Edinburgh-is-nothing-like-home taxi ride.

How could Mom & Dad do this to me?!!! How could God? Edinburgh is a whole new planet—a planet with no summer, no family, no friends, a new school, and, AND a new language!!!
Libby :(

I was over the moon miserable. I didn't tell my brother what I overheard. Sabotage--SABOTAGE!!!--was going on right in Gran's parking lot. I couldn't believe it. I had landed in the middle of a mystery!!!



Ages 10-13

We All Get a Clue
--from My Edinburgh Files

Libby, Malcolm, and Roopa, the kids from I GET A CLUE, are back! Edinburgh's young sleuths are up to their eyeballs in a new mystery/adventure. Libby and Malcolm are on Mr. MacLeod's catering crew for an event at Lintwhite, Lord Blackford's country manor house. The job is going well until Libby trips, spilling a tray of desserts on a guest. Minutes later, it is discovered that a valuable antique has been stolen from Lord Blackford's collection. He suspects the catering crew of being involved. He particularly suspects Libby. The police question everyone, but arrest no one. Back at Gran's, Libby hopes the whole unhappy incident is behind her. She soon discovers, however, she is more involved than she could ever imagine.


Ages 10-13

I Get a Clue - "I loved this riveting mystery set in Scotland, with so many details that I felt transported to Edinburgh. But it was Libby--the spunky and caring heroine--who kept me turning pages." -Pamela Walls, author

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