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Libby's Page


I'm Libby Carlsen. I live in Edinburgh now, which is this fabulous city. I love exploring it. And Gran lets me do it. With a friend, of course, and a cell phone for emergencies.  Have a look at some of my favorite places and then come back because I have more I want to share with you.

Royal Observatory

Tartan Weaving Mill Museum

National Museum of Scotland

Are you back? Those places are too cool, right? So is the B&B where I live with Gran and Aunt Susannah. There are lots of people coming and going all the time. Lots of stuff happening. Sometimes the stuff is mysterious. I am finding that I have, Gran calls it a "knack," for solving mysteries. But then I like puzzles. 


Below are some fun ones. Roopa, my BFF, also wanted you to read some of her jokes.  She's sure you will laugh. (Groan is probably more likely, but she's my BFF so I put them up.) 


I also put up: 

  • Aunt Susannah's recipe for summer pudding. The food here--the desserts--are scrumptious!

  • Have some Christmas fun, too. Check out the Shoestring Nativity PDF, get some friends and family together, and celebrate Jesus's birth together. 

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