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What readers are saying about:



Ashleigh, age 12 - This book was so fun and unpredictable. It keeps spilling predictions into your head but then it will come toget​her in a way you could never imagine.

Caitlin, age 13 - It put me in suspense and kept me turning the page.

Jessica, age 13 - I don't read mysteries, but I liked this one.

Grace, age 11 - I liked how you think one thing but then it turns our to be another thing. There were lots of twists in the plot.


The story is great! I love the characters. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. - Kathy, author of "Comfort: Inspirations for Parents of Chronically Ill Children" and mother of 8


My plan was to read one chapter from this book out loud each day to my kids. They listened with rapt attention and begged me to keep reading when we came to the end of each chapter. I was glad to 'give in'. - Jan, homeschooling mom

​What readers are saying about:



Stephanie, age 11 - An exciting book.

Luke, age 12 - I couldn't put the book down!

Anya, age 12 - The characters seem real as they share their feelings and solve the big mystery. can even learn something for your own life.

...enlightening and interesting...encouraging to young people who are discovering that they have gifts to share...[they] can relate to [her feelings of failure and frustration] and  learn to grow in their faith in the good times and the bad. - Patsy Ledbetter, reviewer

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